Beyond Sushi:

Changing the Expectation for Plant Based Sushi

Beyond Sushi's Spicy Mango Roll

New York City is home to some of the most innovative vegan restaurants in the world. Beyond Sushi may be the most creative and well crafted vegan place I have been to in New York. There are multiple convenient locations in New York City and the flagship restaurant is on 37th street (right in Midtown).

Before eating at Beyond Sushi my vegan sushi experience was fairly bland. I have pretty much grown accustomed to avocados and carrots wrapped in rice when I order plant based sushi. This has made me somewhat sour on the idea of finding a great vegan sushi place. However, what I experienced at Beyond Sushi blew me away! There was so much creativity and flavor in each bite that it opened up a whole new world of possibilities for vegan sushi.

One of the restaurants in on 37th street and centrally located in Manhattan. When you walk inside you are greeted with warmth from the friendly staff and the space itself is very comfortable. The trendy decor is modern and clean but also has an earthy feel. The tables are well spaced which creates an intimidate setting for your meal.

When sitting down to order you can see the great options in the menu including sushi, dumplings, wraps, and desserts. Beyond Sushi prides itself on being a healthy restaurant and all of the ingredients are clearly labeled on the menu. I could really tell how healthy the food was. After eating more than my fair share, I did not have that heavy feeling that comes along with going out to eat.

A Selection of their Offerings

1. The first thing I ordered was the Spicy Mango which is black rice, avocado, mango, and cucumber topped with spicy veggies and toasted cayenne sauce. I immediately recognized the Artful Plating. Beyond Sushi beautifully blends textures and flavors to create a very unique dining experience. This sushi was absolutely amazing! It had just the right amount of spice and sweetness. The flavors and texture were unlike anything I have ever experienced with vegan sushi.

2. Next, I ordered La Fiesta which is also black rice & avocado but with chayote, and pickled jalapeño topped with black bean purée and kaffir lime chips; topped with tomato guajillo sauce. This was just as amazing as the Spicy mango!

3. The Seasonal Dumplings were shredded roasted brussel sprouts and lemon dill fava beans on a bed of baby arugula, topped with puffed quinoa and tomato powder. It was served with lemon saffron and tomato guajillo sauce. This too was just as amazing.

4. I then ordered the Nutty Buddy which is rice paper wrap that had baby greens, soba noodles, jalapeño peanut butter, carrots, cashews, avocado, baked tofu, and cilantro. I still can not decide which I enjoyed more; the Spicy Mango or the Nutty Buddy. The jalapeño peanut butter was the highlight for me. The peanut sauce complimented the baked tofu and noodles creating a near perfect meal.

5. Finally, I ordered the cinnamon roll with Coconut Ice Cream on top. This dessert was phenomenal! The cinnamon roll was warm, gooey and tasty. The Ice Cream had a delicious coconut taste and it complimented the warm flaky roll. It was a perfect way to end a great meal.

Their Story

Beyond Sushi was created from scratch from Guy Vaknin who was a finalist on Gordon Ramsey’s cooking show Hell’s Kitchen. Guy Vaknin also appeared on an episode of Shark Tank where he secured $1.5 million in investment funding. Vakin told VegNews “This is the future and for those who have not realized yet, they definitely will later,” he said. “My motto has always been: ‘Get on the train now or jump on later, but soon it will not be a choice.” In the future, Beyond Sushi will be expanding to the west coast in the Los Angeles area.

Beyond Sushi is the epitome of what a vegan restaurant should be. Creative, tasty and fresh. Beyond Sushi is proving to us that plant based meals don't have to be boring or bland. They don't have to try and be a poorer version of the non vegan meal. Beyond Sushi is filled with amazing reviews of vegans and non vegans both disclaiming that "this is the best sushi I have ever had". Support this amazing restaurant and their continued success!


Cameron Ralg is an avid member of the vegan community for about a decade. He has recently discovered his passion for travel and loves to offer tips and suggestions from his experiences.  


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