Buddy Italian Restaurant Cafè: Eating Vegan in Rome

Rome is one of the greatest cities in the world and is home to some of the best restaurants. However, Rome can be a pretty tricky place to navigate as a vegan. There are definitely options out there for vegans but finding a centrally located vegan restaurants can be tough. Many of the best reviewed restaurants will be found on the cusp of the city or in the surrounding suburbs.

So, I broadened my search online using apps like Happy Cow for restaurants in Rome that had some vegan options but were not solely vegan. I was looking for a place that had authentic Italian food that was vegan but also was in a location that was in the middle of the major sites. My travel itinerary had a million different sites on it and I did not want to sacrifice hours of my travel to reach a vegan restaurant. So I searched around the Pantheon which was one of the central sites of my itinerary and is at the heart of many Roman sites. I was so happy to stumble upon a restaurant called Buddy Italian Cafe.

Buddy Cafe: Rome, Italy

Buddy is a fantastic place to visit for vegans who are traveling in Rome. There is a very cool vibe at this restaurant which infuses a modern and classic Italian restaurant feel. Buddy has a trendy design but also offers a lot of warmth to the restaurant goers. There is a ton of natural light that pours in which creates a very warm and inviting restaurant. I also went to Buddy later on in my trip to Rome during the night which added a lot to the dining experience.

Vegan pizza in Rome

The staff at Buddy were extremely kind and friendly. They were very accommodating to English speaking patrons and were extremely helpful. The English menu also provided a certain level of comfort because it made me very confident that there would be no mistakes with the food such as adding non vegan cheese or adding a non vegan item on accident. The clearly labeled vegan items made me rest at ease that I was getting a completely vegan meal.

Buddy has great breakfast, lunch, dinner and sweets available. The menu was full of different pizzas, pastas and sandwhichs that were vegan including different types of vegan cheeses. Another positive is that its a nice place to go to if your fellow travelers are omnivorous because it allows omnivorous to eat the Italian food they desire while you can still get a good meal that is vegan. I struggled to choose what to eat because there were so many options and I did not want to miss out.

I ordered the pizza with the vegan cheese and aubergine and also the one with vegan mayo and avocado. The starters, vegan bruschetta and vegan falafel and mayo, were really good too. Buddy also has great smoothies and juices. I also ordered an amazing vegan pizza that is shown in the picture above. This pizza had eggplants and vegan cheese. This was the first time that I had eggplants on my pizza and it was so delicious. There are a ton of options for vegans and was extremely difficult to make a choice.

Buddy is a must stop for any vegan traveler in Rome. The central location allows you to get a high quality meal while still being able to stick to an itinerary. I enjoyed Buddy so much that I actually ate there for both lunch and dinner! So, stop by Buddy and experience one of the best vegan meals in Rome.


Cameron Ralg is an avid member of the vegan community for about a decade. He has recently discovered his passion for travel and loves to offer tips and suggestions from his experiences.  


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