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Ultimate Vegan travel guide for Marrakech

Hey guys! My name is Mitisha (you may know me on Instagram at @uk_vegans) and I have teamed up to write about my experiences with Cameron who runs the fantastic blog @wherevervegan! I recently visited Marrakech in February and I was just super impressed with how they catered for vegans, I just have to write all about it!

What is Marrakech like as a city?

As soon as you step into Marrakech, you will think that you have just walked into Aladdin! The atmosphere and the vibe is amazing; when you visit the souks, you will be mesmerized by the colorful and vibrant items that they sell. It starts from pottery and ornaments, to shoes and bags!

But remember, never buy a thing without bargaining!

I mostly loved the scents of all the lovely spices as you walked through the town. Mint tea is a regular in Marrakech, and you will be served it in almost every restaurant that you visit… (as well as bread!).

What can Vegans eat in Marrakech?

I was in Marrakech for 4 days so I had a good opportunity to try out lots of different food. I tried the traditional Moroccan food and also different cuisines too.

Here are the places that I would recommend:

Comptoir Darna

Comptoir Darna is an absolutely beautiful Moroccan restaurant and bar which not only serves a Moroccan cuisine, but also international cuisines too. It is absolutely beautiful and the service was unfaultable.

In Comptoir Darna, I had the Vegetables Cous Cous which was served with wheat semolina. It was a delicious dish, contained an array of vegetables along with chickpeas and also served with a lovely tomato dressing to put onto the Cous Cous for that extra bit of flavor. The portion was absolutely MASSIVE though and unfortunately I couldn’t finish it. I would absolutely recommend this dish – but I would recommend sharing it with a friend!

Restaurant Dar Essalam

This was a very traditional Moroccan restaurant which had amazing entertainment! We saw

performances from belly dancers and also other performers dancing to traditional Moroccan music.

As soon as you walk in, you will be captivated by the beautiful décor!

At this restaurant, I had the ‘Vegetable Tagine’ – you cannot go wrong with a Tagine! It is basically a stew filled with lots of different mixed vegetables, marinated in Moroccan spices.

They also served an ‘Assortment of Moroccan Salads’ – I was expected just a salad… but man, was I wrong?! It was almost as if it was different dips made from blended vegetables and there was a range of them. You had sweet tomato, beetroot, pumpkin, lentils… it was delicious and I’d definitely recommend trying it.

Henna Café Marrakech

The Henna Café was actually one of the places I had come across on Happy Cow and really wanted to check it out. It isn’t a fully vegan café, as they do serve vegetarian food and also meat. It is known as a ‘community café’, as it offers an opportunity for customers to get some henna done and also purchase beautiful art work. The lady who either owns the café or works there is absolutely lovely and shared her story of visiting Marrakech 5 years ago from America and then decided to settle down there.

At the Henna Café, everything on the menu which was vegan was clearly labelled which made it very easy to choose what to eat. There were lots of options for vegans so it was difficult to choose!

I went for the Avocado Boats – which were avocados filled with tomatoes, onions, parsley, lettuce and cucumbers; it was served with cous cous on the side too. I loved this dish, as I was craving avocados for a long time! But, I must say that it is a cold dish – so if you want something a little warmer, then you might want to go for something different.

Earth Café Marrakech

The Earth Café was absolutely lovely! There were two Earth cafés in the Medina but we only had the opportunity to visit one. It is a vegan and vegetarian café and their menu is written up on the mirror in their restaurant so I think they might change it often.

I went for the Chinese Noodles which was super comforting. It was made from rice noodles with mixed veggies and salad. I loved it!

I also tried my sister’s dish which was the Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce. It was made with basil,

pumpkin and fresh herbs. I finished her meal too!

What I really loved about this place is that there was only one lady making the dishes. So although the service was a little slow, you could really taste how authentic and homemade the dishes were.

Buddha Bar Marrakech

You may have heard of Buddha Bar before because there are quite a few all over the world! This is an extremely classy restaurant – the décor, again, was remarkable! As soon as you walk in, you will see the magnificent sculpture of Buddha and you will also be very impressed by the impressive entertainment! We made sure prior to arriving that they could cater for us vegans…

There were lots of different dishes that I tried. To start off with, I had the Cucumber Maki, which was served with wasabi, ginger and soy sauce. I then tried the Vegetable Tempura – which I honestlyhave to say was the best that I had ever tried!

For the mains, it was a little tricky because I think there was some miscommunication as there actually wasn’t a vegan-friendly main dish on the menu. However, we spoke to the chef and he was more than happy to whip up a vegan stir fry for us! I really do applaud the chefs at Buddha Bar Marrakech… the meal was delicious!

Things to look out for…

When in the Medina and visiting the souks, there are some people who would seem as if they are trying to help you, but in fact they will charge you an obscene amount of money.

This didn’t happen to me, but I was pre-warned by a few friends who had been beforehand!

Also, when you walking through the Medina, there are monkeys and snakes which are used for entertainment. You will most likely be approached to ‘play’ with them, or to take a picture.

Overall, I was super impressed with the way that Marrakech catered for Vegans! There are so many other restaurants and cafés in Marrakech that I didn’t get an opportunity to try, but I am hoping one day in the future if I return, I will be able to!

I hope this blog post was helpful to you if you are visiting Marrakech soon, or are planning a visit!

Please feel free to message me via my Instagram and I will

definitely be happy to help with any advice and queries!

- Mitisha x


Cameron Ralg is an avid member of the vegan community for about a decade. He has recently discovered his passion for travel and loves to offer tips and suggestions from his experiences.  


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