Ordering Vegan in 5 Languages

How to order Vegan in Italian, French, German, Spanish and Icelandic

When you're traveling abroad it is very helpful to learn the basics of the language of the country that you are traveling in. For a a vegan traveler, it is essential to learn certain words or phrases that will allow to order food in a restaurant with confidence. There would be nothing worse than to order a meal that you thought was vegan but turned out to have meat or dairy in it. Besides the ethical reasons you will also probably become fairly ill which could ruin your trip.This post highlights key words and phrases from 5 languages that you may come across when traveling abroad and through Europe.


Italy is a amazing country that is rich in history. The food in Italy is great but also is heavy in dairy products. Cheese is prevalent throughout many Italian dishes. Learning these key Italian words will help the vegan traveler through Italy.

Key Words:

Cheese=Formaggio Eggs=Uoova Milk=Latte Butter=Burro

Key phrases:

Sono Vegano which would say I'm Vegan.

C’e’ carne? – Is there meat?

Non mangio prodotti che vengono dagli animali – I don’t eat animal products.


France is a great destination and offers some amazing food. Like Italy, France loves their dairy products. French food is amazing but make sure you learn these key French words before you travel through Paris.

Key Words:

Fromage=Cheese Oeuf=Egg Produits laitiers=Dairy products Viande=Meat

Key Phrases:

Végétalien= No meat of fish

Je suis végétalien(ne)= I'm Vegan. You can also say "végane",

"je ne mange pas les produits des animales" or "je ne mange pas la viande"= I dont eat animal products


There are a lot of great German cities to travel into including Belin, Munich and Hamburg. These cities have some cool Vegan restaurants and options. Learn these key phrases to help you during that next Germany trip.

Key Words:

meat: fleisch chicken: geflügel steak: steak pig: schweinefleisch pork: schweinefleisch bacon: schinken fish: fisch milk: milch cream: sahne butter: butter cheese: käse eggs: eier

Key Phrases:

Ich bin vegan: I am vegan


Learning some Spanish is very helpful to the vegan traveler because it will come in handy in both Spain and Mexico.

Key Words:

Vegan – vegano /a Without dairy – sin lactose Without meat – sin carne

Key Phrases:

Soy vegano/a. No como ningún tipo de carne, aves, pescado o marisco o productos de origen animal, entre ellos todos los productos lácteos, huevos y miel="I am a vegan. I do not eat any meat, poultry, fish or seafood or any animal products including all dairy products, eggs and honey."


Now Learning how to say you're vegan is not essential when traveling to Iceland. Pretty much every citizen of Iceland will also speak English. However, Its kind of cool to learn. Icelandic is a extremely challenging language with some crazy long words. But, give it a try next time you're in Reykjavik and looking for a challenge.

Key Phrases:

Grænmetisæta is someone who only eats vegetables.

Ég borða ekki egg og mjólkurvörur (I don't eat eggs and milk products).


Cameron Ralg is an avid member of the vegan community for about a decade. He has recently discovered his passion for travel and loves to offer tips and suggestions from his experiences.  


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