Paris Vegan Travel Guide

The traveler's guide to vegan foods and restaurants in Paris


Paris is bursting to the seam with culture, art, style, and most notably the food. French cuisine is not known for being the most vegan-friendly city in the world, but with a bit of research, you can find some amazing vegan eats. French food is known for butter, cheese, and meat. This is represented in the majority of Parisian restaurants. The unprepared vegan may face many unexpected challenges when traveling through this great city. However, do not stress, this article will shine a light on the many vegan options that are hiding throughout Paris.

This article will highlight restaurants that have some of the best vegan foods in the city. Paris is a cultural hub of the world filled with an amazing history. The museums, streets and general feel of the city make it a special place for travelers. However, as a vegan, you may face a few challenges. You want to experience that french culture and food but cannot simply walk into any restaurant.

This is one place that I found very difficult to find vegan items in nonvegan restaurants. As you can see in this picture. I attempted to order a veggie burger that the waiter told me was vegan with no cheese. However, I received a sad dish with cheese no veggie burger and a few depressing veggies. There was also a few cases in fact that I thought I was able to find a dish that could be made vegan only to find a dish brought to me drenched in butter. yuck. However, there is a great source of vegan restaurants in Paris. This article will highlight those great vegan eateries. These restaurants will help you have that real Parisian experience as a vegan.

Cloud Cakes:

Vegan croissants... Yes, vegan croissants. Cloud Cakes is everything I ever wanted from a Paris vegan cafe. I was beyond excited for the opportunity to eat a croissant that was vegan in Paris. It was perfection with every bite and crumbled just like a croissant should. Cloud Cakes also offered so much more! This all-vegan cozy cafe offered cakes, acai bowls, macarons, pancakes, grilled cheese, and more amazing vegan eats.

Once I found this cafe, I would start most of my days in Paris there with a big cup of coffee and a new breakfast selection. It was great to see such an innovative vegan restaurant that had new types of foods and also was able to make a connection to foods of the past that are so essential to French culture. The store is a very charming restaurant in a great neighborhood. The staff was incredibly helpful and kind. There was an atmosphere at Cloud Cakes that promoted interactions between staff and other guests in the cafe. This is an incredibly cool trait for a traveler who is searching for a new experience and to interact with people they may otherwise never meet.

Overall, Cloud Cakes should be the very first cafe the vegan traveler visits. This should be on day one of the Paris itineraries! You will not regret it. In fact, it may be difficult to venture off and try new vegan eats. But, don't stop at Cloud Cakes for Paris is home to an amazing vegan burger joint.

Hank Burger:

Hank Burger is the next stop on your vegan journey through the city of lights! After your coffee and croissant at Cloud Cakes, stop at this fantastic burger joint. Hank Burger is stylish, chic and cool. Thes staff is friendly and the staff spoke pretty great English. Also, the prices were very fair. Hank burger is a great place for a vegan to load up on amazing food that actually fills you up!

Now, Hank Burger is not building upon traditional Parisian food but it does provide a high-quality meal that is fairly cheap. They serve five different burger options on the menu with various toppings such as rocket, fig sauce, creamy mustard, and veganaise dipping sauce. They also have vegan steak which is organic and made locally for the restaurant. Pair your burger, with a side of fries or wedges as well. Overall, this is just a tasty burger joint that will provide vegans with high-quality food that will not disappoint. So load up on a burger and fries and enjoy!

Hank Vegan Pizza:

If you enjoyed the burgers, why not stop and grab a slice of pizza? The Hank Burger and Hank Pizza restaurants are only a few blocks from one another. Hank Pizza is very much so similar to the burger restaurant. It offers a great tasting product that is not overly priced. The slices are pretty giant and have a very thick crust. There are several toppings including cheese sauce, mushroom, tomato sauce, vegan ricotta, pesto and more. This is a great place to stop by and fill up on a satisfying slice of vegan pizza.

Le Tricycle Store

Le Tricycle Store is a quirky little restaurant that is filled to the brim with character. Le Tricycle is a take on the Caribbean and hotdog vegan foods. Le Tricycle Store is centrally located not far from Gare du Nord station. This vegan restaurant is incredibly unique and worth a visit for vegans seeking a new culinary experience.

The hot dogs and bowls are the headliners at this vegan restaurant. The hot dogs have clever titles that are named after rappers such as Snoop Dog and Dr. Dre. Take your food upstairs to the eccentric upstairs seating. The juices have some great taste and are extremely fresh. Le Tricycle Store is unlike any other restaurant that I have been to and is well worth a stop for the vegan traveler.

Le Faitout Vegan Restaurant:

Le Faitout is a restaurant that takes traditional french dishes and veganizes them. This is a great place to dine at if you are seeking an authentic french meal. The restaurant is also trendy and has bands playing on Thursday nights.

I started the meal with the host bringing us out big bowls of hummus in various flavors as well as full wheat breads. The hummus was great and rich. Then we tried the cheese plates which were incredible. I am generally wary of vegan cheese. I have had my share of vegan cheeses that have left me feeling underwhelmed. However, this cheese plate was not the case. They were delicious and tasted like real vegan cheese! Le Faitout serves a number of other French classics like steak frites and steak tartare and plenty of heavenly desserts.


Paris may not be the easiest destination for vegans to travel to in the world. But, there are some amazing and innovative vegan specific restaurants. I can survive the challenges of a nonvegan restaurant in Paris if I am traveling with nonvegans, as long as I have the opportunity to hit up some of these vegan spots.

Paris is an absolutely phenomenal city that is rich in culture and history. Personally, Paris is in the running as the greatest city in the world. There are several great vegan options in this city as long as you know where to look. These vegan restaurants are a great source for the vegan adventurer to experience Paris food and to fall for the city of love.


Cameron Ralg is an avid member of the vegan community for about a decade. He has recently discovered his passion for travel and loves to offer tips and suggestions from his experiences.  


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