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The best vegan restaurants in Rome, Italy.


Rome is an iconic city that is bursting with history, culture, and, most importantly, delicious food. Rome is home to some of the best restaurants in the world. Italy is synonymous with spectacular cuisines such as pasta and pizza. Eating is a fundamental part of experiencing Italian culture. So finding authentic Italian vegan food is critical for any trip to Rome. It would be horrible to travel to a city with such a well renown food scene. Do not worry, this article will highlight some of the best options in this ancient city so that you are prepared to have a classic Italian adventure.

The Vegan Scene:

Rome has some great all-vegan restaurants; however, there is a lack of vegan restaurants in the heart of the city. Most of the all-vegan places are on the outskirts of town. This makes it difficult for the vegan traveler who wants to see the main spots and then find a bite to eat. So, finding restaurants that have vegan options might be the best bet for the vegan traveler. It is essential to plan out your trip and carve out time in your itinerary to eat at these vegan restaurants in Rome.

Buddy Italian Cafe:

Buddy Cafe: Vegan Rome

Buddy Italian Cafe is a perfect restaurant for vegan travelers because of its great location. Unlike many other restaurants in this post, Buddy is located right near some of the great sites such as The pantheon. The central location allows you to get a high-quality meal while still being able to stick to an itinerary. I enjoyed Buddy so much that I actually ate there for both lunch and dinner! The downside of Buddy is that it is not a 100% vegan restaurant. They do, however, have some great vegan options. They have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and sweets available. The menu was full of different pizzas, pasta, and sandwiches that were vegan, including various types of vegan cheeses. You can read more about Buddy in my post about the restaurant here.

Flower Burger Roma

Flower Burger Roma is one of the coolest vegan spots in Rome. Located near the Vatican, it is a perfect place to eat after your long Vatican tour. There are so many different vegan burgers here! I chose the "Cherry Bomb," which was the prettiest pink color burger bun. The patty was made of lentils and rice, and the sauce was excellent too. You can choose from several tasty, brightly colored vegan burgers with your favorite sauces to go with it. These burgers make for some really cool photos! They also have fresh organic produce along with several other great options.

Bar La Licata

The Colosseum

If you are looking for a delicious bakery after visiting the Colosseo Bar La Licata is your spot. I am always on the lookout for vegan croissants, and this place did not disappoint. They have vegan options like pastries, sandwiches, and delicious cappuccino. If you're looking for something nutritious, this could be a great spot, and you could pick up a healthy juice. When visiting the ruins and the Colosseum there is no better vegan option than Bar La Licata. So, when you make your itinerary plan to see the Colosseum make sure you plan on stopping by for a baked good and coffee.

Romeow Cat Bistrot

Romeow Cat Bistrot is a staple in the Vegan food scene of Rome. They are best known for their friendly cats that will come up and greet you. They also have some excellent food. This is a very unique place that offers exciting and different choices for their menu. There are lots of delicious meals and desserts, including vegan tiramisu, which was excellent.

Another important aspect of this restaurant is their Italian wine selection. I am a big wine lover and was struggling to find what Italian wines were vegan. I love using Barnivore to find vegan wines, but many of the Italian wines were not listed and were usually local to Rome. I had to spend a lot of time emailing wineries to make a personal list for myself when traveling through. This is especially difficult in restaurants, and it was fantastic to have a long list of high-quality vegan wines on the menu.

Uovo à Pois

Uovo à Pois is another all vegan cake and dessert shop. It is a little bit closer to the main sites of Rome. The Bakery is a bit expensive, but they use all organic ingredients and produce high-quality desserts.


Ops! is a vegan buffet that has so many options! There was a wide variety of hot and cold meals and deserts. The food is fantastic; however, it is a relatively expensive meal. The cost is figured out by how much your food weighs. This can be very dangerous, especially if you are hungry! The price really sneaks up on you, and before you know it, you have an expensive meal on your hands. The restaurant itself is quite charming as well. There is a lot of seating inside the restaurant. The decor is simple with modern styling, and there is a lot of light, which makes the whole place feel very light and airy.

Wani Bakery

Wani bakery is one of the best-reviewed vegan bakeries in Rome. The only issue with Wani Bakery is its location. It is not in the central area of Rome. It is a bit of a hike for anyone seeing the major sites, but it's worth the trip. The Bakery has amazing croissants, cappuccino, pastries, and the highly recommended bombolone (chocolate-filled doughnut). This is a fantastic place to experience authentic Italian delicacies!

Rifugio Romano

All vegan menu (alongside a traditional cuisine). Had the gnocchi and tomato and vegan Parmesan husband vegan lasagne of the day. Unbelievable. Rifugio Romano is the perfect stop to make vegans and non-vegans alike happy, with a double menu comprehensive of all traditional Roman recipes and their 100% plant-based versions. If you think carbonara and cheese-stuffed ravioli are impossible to replicate into vegan delights, be prepared to have, your mind blown.

Welcome to vegan paradise, just a few minutes away from Termini station

Ma va'?

Ma Va? is a 100% vegan traditional Roman restaurant. This restaurant is steeped in Italian culture and feels authentic to the Italian culture. This is a local favorite that offers Italian staples. The saucy gnocchi and lasagna are fantastic!

Vegan Store Box 83

Vegan Store Box 83 is an excellent stop for anyone looking for a reasonably priced sandwich and meal. The spicy chickpea cheese was fantastic. There are persons, vegan meats, and cheeses. The owner was incredibly kind, and the place was a large vegan establishment.


Gelato is a staple in Italian desserts. When traveling through Rome you will see dozens of Gelato shops. The best part is that most gelato shops have non-dairy gelatos that are vegan. You can easily find great vegan gelato around the city at places such as Blue Ice, Il Gelatone, and Gelateria Tropical Ice (which even has a vegan whipped cream topping).

100% BIO

100% Bio is a great vegan restaurant in Rome. They have a great lunch buffet that has a lot of options. Renowned for the evening aperitivo spread, 100% Bio's breakfast selection certainly does not disappoint! Located just a few steps away from metro Piramide. This is a perfect spot for the vegan traveler before they set out for a long day of seeing the Roman sights. Their breakfast is filled with great options for vegans, including a tremendous traditional crostata filled with fresh jam or plant-based Nutella!

Vegan in Rome:

Rome is a tricky place to eat vegan. At first glance, there are a lot of vegan restaurants. However, once you make your itinerary, you realize that you will have to dedicate a large chunk of a day to head out of the central part of the city to experience some of these great restaurants. If you have only a handful of days in Rome, you would probably not want to lose half a day traveling to a vegan restaurant. So, make your itinerary and choose a restaurant that won't devastate your itinerary. Look at the restaurants above and their location and try to build your itinerary with the restaurants in mind. Such as if you are planning a day at the Vatican, then the Romeow bistro is perfect. If you plan a day at the Colleseum, then stop by Bar La Licta. There is so much to see in Rome, with proper planning, you can have a great meal and still see the sites that define Rome!


Cameron Ralg is an avid member of the vegan community for about a decade. He has recently discovered his passion for travel and loves to offer tips and suggestions from his experiences.  


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