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Vegan Travel Guide Toronto:

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Toronto is one of the great cities of the world. Living in upstate New York, it's only a few hours drive and hop across the border for me to visit. Out of all of the cities, I have traveled to Toronto is home to some of the most friendly and kind people that I have encountered. Not sure how a city that fully embraces a sport where you skate on knives and allow players to beat the living hell out of each could produce such kind people!

Photo taken on the streets of Toronto

Toronto has a lot of options for events. They have great sports, including the Maple Leafs, Blue Jays, and the 2019 NBA champs Raptors. If sports aren't your thing, then they have incredible music halls and centers. Just recently I saw Jonsi & Alex play a beautiful concert at a small intimaite venue at Queen Elizabeth Theatre. There are also museums, galleries, parks, and great nightlife. They also are home to some of the best restaurants in the world.

Toronto Vegan Scene

Toronto is a very vegan-friendly city. There are several all-vegan spots, including a few great non-vegan restaurants that offer some great vegan options. Toronto is a city that you can visit with non-vegan friends, and you can expose them to vegan restaurants that will have them considering going vegan, or you can find a non-vegan restaurant with vegan options, and everyone is happy. The hardest part of your visit will be selecting what vegan places you want to eat at. Overall, you will have no issue being vegan in Toronto. Here is a list of the best vegan restaurants in Toronto that will help you find a vegan restaurant near you.

Apiecalypse Now!

Apiecalypse Now! is a pizza/bakery restaurant that is home to the hands-down best vegan pizza in Toronto (also a phenomenal name). As many vegans know, it can be a challenge to find a quality slice of vegan pizza. You will find that a lot of vegan pizza is just a few veggies with sauce or, even worse, a plastic tasting vegan cheese. Blah! However, Apiecalypse Now! will not fall flat or underwhelm. Their pizza is incredibly delicious and is some of the best pizza that I've ever had.

This place offers some all-time great "junk food vegan" options. The thing I love about Apiecalypse Now! is that they are so creative. These dishes are very unique and tasty. From the Fat Mac and poutine to Mozzarella sticks, this place has almost too many great options. Also, we can't forget about the bakery items, including donuts. If you visit Toronto, start your vegan restaurant exploration here because I guarantee you will want to revisit it to sample the different options later on during your trip.

Loose Moose Vegan fries and beer

Loose Moose

Loose Moose is not an all-vegan place, but it does have great vegan options. This is another very fun restaurant bar to explore while in Toronto. The place was pretty busy when I visited, but I was still able to get a giant beer and excellent food very quickly, which shows the quality of the staff. The Vegan Fries Supreme was intense! The bacon bits in the fries were absoultly amazing. The Loose Moose is excellent to go in a group or to meet new people when traveling.

The Hogtown Vegan

Hogtown Vegan Chicken N' Waffles

Hogtown Vegan is a down-home comfort food vegan restaurant that offers a vast menu. Hogtown Vegan is another great creative vegan spot in Toronto. The menu is expansive with different types of vegan options that you don't always run across at a vegan place.

For me, when I saw the chicken and waffles with Mac N' Cheese, I knew exactly what I wanted. Now, I don't think I ever had had chicken N' waffles even before I went vegan, but they were incredible. The flavors were perfect and made me feel like I was in a little place down south. They also have great desserts, including ice creams and battered and deep-fried cookie dough!

Planta Yorkville

Planta is a very cool all-vegan restaurant. It is a bit more of an upscale restaurant. There are four different locations in Toronto. The prices are medium to high, but the quality of food is definitely worth the cost. The mushroom bolognese with almond parmesan is a fantastic dish option. The "planta" burger and fries are another great option.


Bloomers is a vegan donuts shop. They have all kinds of vegan donuts as well as other baked goods. The brownies are quite tasty as well the bagels that come with vegan spreads. A great place to pick up some breakfast or brunch before you head out on your exploration of the city.

The Big Mac at Doomies


Doomies is such a great place! I went there right after a concert. Which was a fantastic choice because Doomies is located inside the Vegandale Brewery. So, great vegan beer combined with great vegan food will always produce a fantastic night!

Doomies is an all-vegan restaurant with a menu that would make a "junk food" vegan drool. The menu is filled with items like chili fries and the Philly cheesesteak. But, I would recommend the behemoth, which is the Big Mac burger. It is giant and delicious. It can be a problematic piece of food to finish. Make sure you also order their excellent fries. This place is perfect for an excellent vegan beer and a burger!

Vegandale Brewery Beer

Hello 123

Hello 123 is a charming vegan restaurant. A small intimate place with excellent service and vegan items on the menu. I love poutine, and they had a sweet potato version of poutine, which was fantastic. They also have veggie burgers, including the kimchi burger.


Disgraceland is a fun vegan pub with an all-vegan menu. I enjoyed the atmosphere and thought the overall vibe of the place was fun! The vegan ribs were great!

Overall, a lovely spot to spend a night out in Toronto. Disgraceland has fun events going on throughout the week, so make sure you check their website and Facebook group to see what events they have when you're in town. The drinks are great, including an excellent beer list and mixed drinks. It is an all-cash place, so make sure you come prepared.

Kupfert and Kim

Kupfert and Kim is a pure vegan restaurant. A lot of restaurants on this list are "junk food" vegan certified, so it is nice to add a vegan restaurant that has healthy whole foods. I love junk food as much as anyone, but you need to set limits for yourself! Kupfert and Kim is the perfect spot because not only is it incredibly healthy, but it tastes fantastic! The food will give you a tremendous healthy feeling while still crushing the flavors.

The City of Toronto


Overall, I love Toronto. It is a great city that is just fun and offers a lot to the vegan traveler. You cant go wrong choosing any of these restuararnts to eat at. I would definitly reccomend hitting up several and get a better feel for the vegan scene in Toronto. You will not have an issue finding vegan food near you in Toronto.

I highly recommend staying a few days to experience everything Toronto has to offer. This city is great most seasons. If your not a huge winter person then beware because Toronto can get might cold. Last winter when I was there it was one of hte coldest days ever recorded in Toronto. If you are traveling for only a few days I would make sure you eat at a place like Hogtown or Piecyaplsye and then go out for drinks to a place like Doomies or Disgraceland.

Book an event or watch a game and then go out exploring the city having excellent drinks and vegan food. I'm sure you too will think of Toronto as one of your favorite cities after your travels.


Cameron Ralg is an avid member of the vegan community for about a decade. He has recently discovered his passion for travel and loves to offer tips and suggestions from his experiences.  


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