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When I first went vegan, I never thought to ask the question, is wine vegan? I figured its just grapes. How could it not be vegan? But I was entirely wrong. Wine is a very tricky item for vegans. Wine can contain several animal by-products, including fish bladders, egg whites, gelatin, casein. Disgusting!

Vegan White Wine In Paris

Why on earth would a product that should be vegan have fish bladders or other animal by-products enter the process? Well, the reason is to improve the clarity of the wine. This technique is known as fining. After the fermentation process, wine contains microscopic particles known as colloids; these colloids are harmless but do produce cloudiness in the wine. Several different vinification techniques have been used by wineries around the world. They do not all use animal by-products, but many do.

The worst part is finding what wines are vegan. If you want to find a vegan snack, you look at the ingredients to figure it out. Wine, however, doesn't have nutritional facts on the label.

Vegan wine drinkers do not fear! There is still hope. Several wineries are vegan. This article will highlight the many options that vegans have to drink great wine!

Finding Vegan wine

When looking through your local liquor store or when you are out to dinner and looking over the wine list, you will ask yourself, is this wine vegan? Now, this is a tricky question, and you have a few options to figure out if it is. The majority of the wines will not say vegan. But, there are some key phrases to look out for "unfined" and "unfiltered" will mean that they would be vegan. Words like "organic" won't necessarily mean vegan.

The best way to find out if a wine is vegan will be through contacting the company yourself or utilizing online resources and databases that track different wineries and companies.


Barnivore is a vegan alcohol directory that provides a list of alcoholic beverages that are 100% vegan friendly. All vegan wine drinkers need to be familiar with Barnivore! You can search the companies and check their database to check if they are vegan. Barnivore asks questions and finds out which companies and wineries use vegan methods for their alcohol.

Barnivore has more than 49,000 entries that have been checked and often double or triple checked by the Barnivore community. The best part of Barnivore is that individuals can do the work and find out about different companies and submit their findings. This is another great showing of how the vegan community helps band together and produce something that will help vegans everywhere.

The most challenging part of finding out if a wine is vegan is that there are so many different wineries and companies. If you find a wine that is not on Barnivore, you have limited options. You can directly contact the company yourself. I was doing this a lot when traveling through Italy, where there are a lot of smaller local wineries that won't show up in the search engines. A few companies didn't get back to me, but if you get an email back, make sure you post on Barnivore to help another vegan traveling through.


The next option for vegans is to utilize online wine clubs. The absolute best wine club for vegans is Winc. One of the most famous wine clubs, Winc, offers a bunch of different deals and options for wine drinkers.

Winc Drop down box

Winc Vegan Wines:

What sets Winc apart from all of the other wine box companies is high-quality in and the price. Another major plus for Winc is that they made it so easy for vegans to find vegan wines on their site. I was unable to find another major wine box company that marketed to vegan wine drinkers.

They do the work for you and put the wines that are vegan in a section. You can search only wines that are vegan or you can look through the wines and in the bio it will say if the wine is vegan. From there, you can choose what wines look good, and you can create your box.

Winc Wine

Vegan Wine from Winc

This is also an excellent option for wine drinkers who are relatively new to wine and want to explore different wines. Winc uses a straightforward process of an online Palate Profile. Through your ratings, Winc will send recommend wines based on your tastes.

This will take away all the hassle of choosing wines based on how cool the label looks, and instead, they base what wines to recommend by looking at your palate profile.

Winc has no fee or commitment to join, and you can skip the month's shipment any time you want. I love how easy they make it for vegans to order wine. You can use this coupon code to $22 off your first box and no additional cost to shipping.

Vegan Wines:

There are a ton of vegan wines that I love. Here is a list of vegan wines that are excellent. Many of these wines can be found at Winc and easily added to your wine box. Some of the wines you will have to contact them to find the store nearest to you that sells them.

2018 Sauvetage Rosé (Vegan)

2018 Sauvetage Rosé

This is a Rose wine from Ventoux, France. This is a very sweet rose that has notes of orange zest, peach, and strawberry.

This is a light-bodied rose that has a nice fruity taste. This wine is ideal for drinking on a hot summer day. This was great to purchase from Winc because it was difficult for me to find a rose that was vegan. The price atWinc is 13.99 for members which is a pretty great price for such a flavorful vegan rose.

2018 L'Atelier du Sud Red Blend

You can find it here on Winc. This is a red blend from Grenache in the South of France. It has Tasting notes of blackberry, earth, rosemary, violet.

Atre Mon Red Wine (Vegan)

2018 Altre Món Red Blend

You can find it here. This is a Spanish wine with a long-standing history. Tasting notes of black cherry, blackberry, violet. This was a very high-quality wine that was a very reasonable price. Winc is offering it at 13.99 for members. This was such a great deal I ordered multiple bottles to my next Winc wine box.

Bellissima Prosecco

Prosecco can be a difficult wine to find vegan. Christine Brinkleys is entirely vegan and made from grapes in Treviso, Italy. Check out the link here to find the closest store that sells the wine.

Lumos Wine Company

This is an Oregon-based wine company. Lumos Wine Company makes its products from certified organic grapes and guarantees that each bottle is filled with vegan. Choose from reds, whites, and rosés.

Proudly Vegan Wines

Proudly Vegan Wines

Proudly vegan wines are a great wine company that I fully support. Not only because they have excellent wine but also because they have such a great mission. They are registered with The Vegan Society. This is not a company that just happens to produce wine that is vegan but they are devoted to help spread veganism through creating such as fantastic product. Check out their website here and support such a great company.

Vegan Wine

The market for vegan wines is growing. In a few years, I do predict that it will be much easier to find vegan wines. The first step will be making it easier for customers to identify wines that are vegan on the labels. In the meantime, however, vegans will not struggle to find and enjoy high-quality vegan wines. Utilize Barnivore if you are at a restaurant examining the wine list. If you are looking for wine for home then definitely look into becoming a Winc member. They make it simple for vegans to find wine and they offer great prices. Make sure you use this promo here to get $22 off your membership. So, now that you have the information necessary to find great vegan wine, open up a bottle and enjoy your glass of wine!


Cameron Ralg is an avid member of the vegan community for about a decade. He has recently discovered his passion for travel and loves to offer tips and suggestions from his experiences.  


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